Fur Free Policy

Today, 95 percent of fur is sourced from factories that harvest fur from animals. Animals such as raccoon dogs, foxes, bobcats, and minks, collect the best quality fur and hence become prey and suffer unimaginable cruelty. Our company is in the business of making quality bags and one of our main policies promotes animal protection. We advocate for fur free bags in a bid to fight against animal cruelty and put an end to the use of fur in fashion.

While some animals are bred for meat production, others are plucked alive, force fed, transported under insane conditions and treated very badly. These poor animals make excellent sources of fur, feathers, leather, and other animal products which are thought to make products in the fashion industry. Wild animals and a few domestic ones suffer immense brutality as a result of snares, conibear traps, steel jaw traps and other inhumane methods meant to catch or kill animals for their fur. AS a result, up to 5 million animals become victims and get caught in these traps each year.

Many people buy fur under the guise that they are buying a natural or organic product. This could not be further from the truth. Fur is treated using harmful chemicals that can cause health issues such as hormonal imbalance, cancer, and allergies. In fact, compared to polyester garments, fur garments have a carbon footprint ratio of 28 to one with fur garments bearing the highest risk. Fur factories are notorious for causing pollution owing to poor waste disposal and producing odor which can negatively affect our environment.

Hundreds of countries have come together to ban cruelty against animals. Some countries have banned snaring of animals and others have signed laws to end or limit farming of fur. In a survey conducted by 17 EU countries, 73 % of people here did not support fur farming.

Learn more info about Fur free issue here http://www.humanesociety.org/issues/campaigns/fur_free/

Baginning Fur Free Retail

Our company realizes that killing animals for their fur has adverse effects on the community, nature, and tourism which is a great contributor to the economy. In honor of animal rights, we abide by set rules which say that;

  • We do not perform tests on animals for our products
  • We let our clients make wise choices when buying our products
  • We do not advocate for animal cruelty or mistreatment and offer support towards achieving fur free fashion
  • Our products do not contain real fur
  • We refuse to use feathers, leather, skins or any other materials sourced from animals.
  • We have a staunch stand against poor treatment of sheep during the shearing process
  • We do not sell or purchase products sourced from endangered animals. This in line with our love for animals and aims to preserve endangered species.

Our stand against animal cruelty cannot be stressed further. We instead opt to find alternatives to animal products to manufacture products with the same or even better quality as fur and other animal products. Ours is a brand that is growing in popularity gathering love from many people. For this reason, we choose to take a firm stance against animal mistreatment in the name of making fashion statements. As we continue to identify ways on how we can improve our products and services, we remain committed and dedicated to abiding by the above set rules in support of fur free products.